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Pædagogisk Center Albertslund (pdf)

Pædagogisk Center Albertslund (PCA) is a regional Teachers Learning and Resource Centre for the municipality of Albertslund in Denmark. The Albertslund region (10 Km. from the centre of Copenhagen) has 4000 pupils at primary and lower secondary levels working in 8 schools. Each school has between 325 and 750 students and the region employs some 400 teachers.

PCA supports the pedagogic development through courses and in-service training and by making pedagogic expertise available. Pedagogic personnel and advisers are attached to the centre, to which schools in need of advice and instruction can apply.

Within each school all teaching materials are catalogued on central computer systems. Administration and loan of stock collections take place at the school library. The central catalogue database provides extensive notes on materials and the possibility of free-text search. This is of considerable benefit to both students and teachers searching for materials for specific lessons and learning programmes. The Pedagogic Centre maintains a central regional bibliographic catalogue of all learning materials held in schools and the Centre. The Centre is able to provide technical and bibliographic assistance to schools in the purchase and registration of all new learning materials.

The Pedagogic Centre houses a large joint collection of class sets of materials, technical equipment, multimedia equipment and other teaching materials. Teaching materials are purchased as short-term loan and are made available to teachers through the school libraries, ensuring a rational and effective use of resources. The Centre regularly receives new materials from publishers and advises regional teachers about the latest stock and availability.

A number of INSET courses and activities are provided at the Centre for teachers and pedagogic personnel from the day-care institutions. These courses and activities take place in the Centre’s own well-equipped classrooms, including an ICT laboratory. Over the next three years a programme is in place to provide ICT training for most of the 400 teachers in the schools. In addition to the INSET course provision, a range of workshops and exhibitions are provided for our client groups.

The Centre has excellent media-workshop facilities and provides technical and pedagogic assistance to teachers working on producing their own teaching materials. Up to date networked ICT is used throughout the Centre supporting both administrative and pedagogic needs. The Centre supports the compulsory schools in developing their own curriculum networks.
The Albertslund Centre has experience with international co-operation through participation in the successful Socrates/MINERVA “SLAM project”.

The project partners from Pædagogisk Center will be:

Head, Gert Larsen. From 1996 to 2004, Gert was Deputy Principal of the Pædagogisk Center and School Library Advisor and from 2004 was appointed as head of the centre.

Deputy Head and regional school library advisor, Marianne Kloecker.