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Gymnazium Dr. A. Hrdlicky in Humpolec will celebrate the 70th
anniversary of its establishment in 2007. It was founded by the
initiative of the citizens of Humpolec. The main reason the citizens
sought to found a gymnazium was to offer pupils the opportunity to
study in Humpolec, rather than having to commute to neighbouring
towns. The Gymnazium began as a town school with an 8-year
program, supported by the fundraising campaign of the Humpolec
citizens, and was later changed to a state and regional school.

The Gymnazium currently has approximately 360 students, who
attend 12 classes in either the 8-year or 4-year programs. All
students receive a general education focused on foreign language and
ICT during their years of study. The current curriculum offers
specialization in the subjects which the students will need for their
post-secondary education. Students also have the opportunity to
travel to and study in foreign countries such as The United Kingdom,
Germany, France or Austria to facilitate their language studies.

Students at the Gymnazium have also participated in a biology
expedition in Finland as part of the international project “GLOBE”,
along with schools from Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Croatia and

The Gymnazium is also very active in international projects supported
by Socrates – Comenius and Socrates – Minerva. The school has
participated in projects such as “SLAM”, “GRANDSLAM”,
“ SEEDS” and “Fit for Europe”. The project participants from the
Gymnazium are:

Vlastimil Fiala, Headmaster
Stanislava Hralová PhD, Head of the English Language Department