School Libraries As Multimedia Learning centres In-service Training

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    Educational websites in the school library

    Powerpoint presentation

  1. Use the learning strategies about how to find useful webpages.
    Use mindmapping and make a linksite in Word. (Ex: A site from Oslo Public Library)

    Learning strategies:
    - Think about a topic
    - What are you trying to find about this topic?
    Think about your information need
    - What is the work you are doing going to be used for?
    Target group
    - How will you proceed to find the materials you need?
    - What search words are you going to use?
    - How much time are you willing to use?

  2. Use the WebPage Evaluation checklist and evaluate theese sites:

    Relevance - Is the information relevant to your research question?
    Authorship- Is there an identified author of the document? What are the producers credentials
    Bias - is the web page sponsored by a group or organisation who are trying to advocate their particular views?
    Date - is the document dated, how current is the information?
    Links - are there any links to other sites and if so are they reliable?

  3. Are you a qualified Internet explorer? Try this quiz to test your knowledge. Evaluate this webpage. Can it be useful for your students?